Brief Description of the Car

From the distinctive dual headlamps to the sculpted rear section, Mercedes-Benz passion and dedication is apparent in every detail of the E-Class Saloon. The ergonomic interior is just as eye-catching as the exterior, with exquisite materials stylishly applied throughout. Superb ride comfort, outstanding reliability and refreshingly low whole life costs give even more reasons to choose the E-Class Saloon..

We believe every trip - even the shortest one - should be as comfortable and enjoyable as a room in the finest hotel. Here's is what you'll find in all our cars:

Car Features

  • FREE Wireless internet connection (21 Mbps) during the trip
    Skype or Facetime your friends and share the most amazing sceneries of Italy from the comfort of your seat!
  • FREE Prosecco:
    That's always a "fresh" starts and a good one too! How about a drink to start a nice trip in complete relaxation?
  • Watch TV or a movie in HD
    If the trip is too long in one of two iPads. Kids can also watch a collection of 30 HD cartoons or you can decide to watch one of our videguides about the different parts of Italy or one of the 80 HD movies.
  • Feeling thirsty? No problem!
    Our fridge is always full of complimentary cold water, drinks and fruit juices!
  • Directions anyone ???
    Not only you can watch videoguides of the most known and important cities of italy while we drive but you will find also plenty of paper maps to choose from for every city we'll stop in.
  • FREE iPad
    Need to get some work done or some emails sent but your device is back at your hotel ? No problem, i'll take care of the driving and you can use the iPad onboard for free and get your work done!

Not enough? No problem! Take a look at this page to see which are the other extra packages we can prepare for you when get onboard the vehicle.