GoI SPECIALIZE IN: Giglio Island and Ferrari Tours
Life is made of passions.
And i’m a passionate man.
I love getting to know different cultures and share with others our way of savouring and enjoying “The Italian lifestyle”.
I love driving any type of vehicle. I have licenses for cars, vans, boats, airplanes.
Come with me in a marvellous journey in the Ferrari museum or the Lamborghini factory if you prefer. The Pagani cars atelier or the Ducati bikes industry maybe, we’ll have fun!
I love the flavour, the colours and the scent of the sea and its complex and yet so amazing ways.
The Giglio Island is my second home. A suggestive, intriguing and fascinating island.
Blue sea, breathtaking cliffs, uncontamined waters, a medieval castle at the top of the hill and a small sea port.
The tour of this island was born just like this, to let everyone know about this forgotten by time, yet beautiful little world, which is not yet know by internationl circuits.

Whatever your mood is, whatever your desires are, “i just DRIVE” has an excursion designed to delight you in every way.
Don’t worry about it , “i just DRIVE”.