GoI SPECIALIZE IN: Limousine tours
I drive because it is still the best way to enjoy my beautiful country,that is so special in all its landscape. Italy, especially Tuscany, is a wonderful place to visit; so much art (that i love in all its expressions), so many romantic views, historical atmosphere that take you away from the present and let you dream about the past.
I like being around people, I always did, so being a driver for me is like traveling every day in a permanent vacation to share with people who love my country… just like me!
I love all the fruits of my countryside ( Chianti region) our typical food and i used to work for a wine and olive oil company, I used to accompany people showing them wine cellars and all the process of making wine and olive oil. It makes me feel good because it’s like caressing my roots.
When I don t drive I love having nice walks with my son and my wife; I love reading and writing, my interest is about art at all.
Join me in all the kind of tours you want to do around Tuscany or Italy, I will be enthusiast to share with you our beauties and to offer comfort, fun and kindness.

Whatever your mood is, whatever your desires are, “i just DRIVE” has an excursion designed to delight you in every way.
Don’t worry about it , “i just DRIVE”.