GoI SPECIALIZE IN: Private Tours
I drive because i am inspired by what i see and because i like being around people. Driving a car to me is an internal journey just as much as it is a mean of reaching a phisical destination. Italy has some of the most amazing sceneries to offer around small villages strees and hills, I love my country and i like watching every part of its landscape.
I also love its wines, olive oils and grappas: and i like learning every aspect connected to their realization and sharing knowledge about them. Finding out which are the best vineyards and which are the best vintages. Looking at the different choices of planting, harvesting, aging and then tasting the different results.
Therefore the Chianti region, close to Florence, where i live, is the perfect place to travel to and to know, day by day, like the palm of my hand.
When i am not driving or touring people around i study new ides and prepare new packages to entertain my customers in their trip in Italy. I’m not a workaholic though, i have never worked actually. “Do what you love,” it is said in fact, “and you won’t work a single day in your life.”
In my free time i workout and i listen to music. A lot of music. Mostly i prepare music selections which go together well for my trips: whether i am on a rush or i just want to enjoy the view i always have some bakground music which is perfect for the moment.
Join me in one of my tours of the Chianti region or just choose me for your next transfer in Italy. The experience you’ll have will be beyond any concept of comfort, fun, or high tech enertainment you ever had :-) Find out why and how by clicking on the links where i describe some of the services and the car i use

Whatever your mood is, whatever your desires are, “i just DRIVE” has an excursion designed to delight you in every way.
Don’t worry about it , “i just DRIVE”.