GoI SPECIALIZE IN: Small Group Tours
I drive because that's what I like to do safely and responsibily. As a good Italian I love my country, especially Tuscany, because we have everything from mountains seas, lots of good food and art history to share with each person who's on a visit to Italy.

I like being around people and show them the wealth of our land, not only driving trought landscapes but learning about the harvesting and production of our winegrapes and olive oil in the Chianti region or visiting San Gimignano (which is a UNESCO world heritage for the most preserved medieval town in Italy) and taste one of the best gelatos in the world.

I always wanted to become a driver because this job allows me to learn so many new things every day from every person I meet. I have a positive attitude, i am always friendly and helpful towards my passengers. If you tour with me you will not be tourists but guests and to make sure this happen, I will take care of every aspect of the trip to make you relax and enjoy your day.

Whatever your mood is, whatever your desires are, “i just DRIVE” has an excursion designed to delight you in every way.
Don’t worry about it , “i just DRIVE”.