Do you need anything extra waiting for you when you get onboard our vehicles?

Just ask us and we’ll make it happen, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or you just need to complete a perfect business presentation or just surprise your partner we have the answer you’re looking for!
The following are just some of the ideas we have for you, but if you need something which is not on this list we’ll try and arrange it for you anyhow.
Please make sure you request any of these arrangements at least 24 hrs before the service.

- Is prosecco not enough for you?
What if you need to impress your partner and go over the limits of our free Prosecco bottle? What if you need sweeter and more tender bubbles in your drink? No worries, we can arrange a nice bottle of champagne instead like a Don Perignon or others upon request.

Price: Euro 75,00 and up
[based on the brand]

- Luxury on a silver plate…
How about a nice silver bowl filled with strawberries and chocolate? Even the most refined palate can enjoy something like that between a visit in a city and a sip of wine.

Price: Euro 50,00 and up
[based on the number of people]

- Make it special!
Is it a wedding proposal you’re arranging or just a special anniversary? Then make it become a really special memory: a romantic flower bouquet will make her say “yes”.

Price: Euro 100,00 and up
[based on the type of flowers and the size of the bouquet]

- The flight!
A selection of wines and cheeses you can taste will be waiting for you onboard. This is what you need to get in the mood of a nice visit through the Chianti region. Sample in advance the flavors of Tuscany and the wines of our country. After all, we’re going to be doing the driving. You can sit back and relax!

Price: Euro 120,00 and up
[based on the type of cheeses and wines]

- A classic, a must.
A fruit basket made only of fresh fruits of the season coming exclusively from Italian organic farms: another idea to bring you what’s best of a countryside full of traditions and very attentive to the value of its land. Bite that apple ….

Price: Euro 100,00 and up
[based on the season and the number of people]

- How does this sound to you ?

We can also arrange a specific track selection for you. If you have a favorite song or a favorite album all you need to do is let us know ahead of time and we’ll make sure the sound of the road will be covered by those sweet tunes….

Price: On request
[varies based on the type of tracks and albums]