How does the PRICE work?

Each of our tour has a price based on the number of people joining it. We have no minimum numbers for the tour to start. We guarantee them all automatically. This obviously means if only one person is going, the price could increase a little. This is a shared tour so you MIGHT be joining someone else in our luxury vehicles. To find out the specific price of the tour please select the number of people and the date you are interested in. The next page will present you with a price per person based on the people in your group added to any other eventual group already present. Below however you find an idea of how the price works for this specific tour. Obviosuly if you are the first to reserve the tour, when other people will join, your price will decrease as well.

Price based on the # of people

1 person € 0
2 people [per person]
3 people [per person]
4 people [per person]
5 people [per person]
6 people [per person]
7 people [per person]
8 people [per person]

What is included and what isn't ???

Please read carefully the following two lists. It will be easy to understand what the tour includes and what it doesn't. Anything not specifically mentioned here is not included. In case you have any questions send us an email and we will be happy to clarify the matter for you.

Included in this tour

Free WiFi on-board
Private tour ensures personal service
Free accomodation pickup and drop-off
Transportation in air-conditioned Mercedes coach
All taxes - fuel surcharges - parking fees and tolls - service fees
A local English speaking driver/escort in suit with an excellent knowledge of the local area
Bottled water
Bottle of Prosecco wine - which is always a good start especially if you don't have to drive :)
Mini Ipad with Wi-Fi and mobile data connection so that you can use it in the car and outside as you walk around the cities
10% VAT
Access to restricted traffic areas in all the towns
Cheese tour and tasting
Wine tour with wine tasting olive oil tasting

NOT INCLUDED in this tour


Tour Itinerary



Your private driver/guide will come pick you up at your accomodation

9:00 amGOAT FARM


The visit includes a tour of the grounds, a tour of the stables, where it might be possible to see the milking or the feeding of the goats, and finally a visit to the cheesemaking lab. We might be able to assist with cheesemaking. Next we will be able to taste each one of the cheeses produced here, coupled with organic honey, bread and of course wine!



20 minutes free time to visit the city on your own

10:50 amTHE WINERY


1,0 hours wine tour, wine tasting, olive oil tasting,.....atmosphere



Driving through the picturesque countryside of the Chianti region, a magical landscape of cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves you’ll recognize from Renaissance paintings



With a lot of nice memories to talk and the entire afternoon available to visit museums or for shopping.....

Here is a brief description of the tour

Private Tour - An unforgettable private daytrip in the Chianti with amazing sceneries, fun facts about the Italian cooking habits, stops in a goat farm for cheese tour and tasting, stops in the city of Greve in Chianti and a visit to a winery to learn something about our Classico and drink lots of good wine!
Your day trip takes you through the picturesque countryside of the Chianti region, a magical landscape of cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves you’ll recognize from Renaissance paintings. We’ll come and pick you up @ your hotel and we’ll start by driving in the countrside of Florence and touch cities like Greve in Chianti, Panzano in Chianti, Radda in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti.

The farm consists of 102 head of goats (100 females and two lucky males) who daily graze in the fields surrounding the farm and reward us for our work with great quality milk. Our "girls" are all Chamois of the Alps, a breed native to Switzerland that have the characteristics of rusticity and good production of milk. For this reason we conduct selective breeding, that is, we are very careful about the reproduction of animals, making use of technical controls from the local association of breeders. Cheese production begins in mid-March and ends in late October for very specific reasons. In March, after having only their mother?s milk for the first 40 days of their lives, the baby goats begin to eat grass and hay; we then can slowly start with regular milking. By October, however, many goats are pregnant, and it is good that they start to rest to prepare for the time they will give birth that begins in late January. On top of going to pasture daily, the "girls" always have hay in the barn, which is produced on the 74 acre pasture which is available to us. While we milk the goats we spoil them with handfuls of concentrated, biologic feed. For veterinary care, we mainly use homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies, and only in cases of real need use conventional medicine. But the best cure is always a healthy and natural life to make happy goats!

This is effectively the market town of the Chianti Classico wine area. Unlike the majority of Chianti towns, Greve is located on the floor of a valley instead of on a hill top, about half-way along the scenic Chiantigiana highway (SS 222) that runs from Florence to Siena. Greve has an attractive, arcaded, triangular piazza with several ceramics and wine shops, as well as restaurants.

Finally: a taste of Chianti! Winery. You can spend a pleasant and beautiful time to relax, enjoying fine wines along with salami, prosciutto, cheese, olive oil... but mainly, you will live a unique experience and will be in contact with the Italians and with our simple, friendly and genuine way to behave with our guests, transmitting to all the people who come to visit, sympathy, warmth and smile, because the wine is love, poetry and imagination!