How does the PRICE work?

Each of our tour has a price based on the number of people joining it. We have no minimum numbers for the tour to start. We guarantee them all automatically. This obviously means if only one person is going, the price could increase a little. This is a shared tour so you MIGHT be joining someone else in our luxury vehicles. To find out the specific price of the tour please select the number of people and the date you are interested in. The next page will present you with a price per person based on the people in your group added to any other eventual group already present. Below however you find an idea of how the price works for this specific tour. Obviosuly if you are the first to reserve the tour, when other people will join, your price will decrease as well.

Price based on the # of people

1 person € 0
2 people [per person]
3 people [per person]
4 people [per person]
5 people [per person]
6 people [per person]
7 people [per person]
8 people [per person]

What is included and what isn't ???

Please read carefully the following two lists. It will be easy to understand what the tour includes and what it doesn't. Anything not specifically mentioned here is not included. In case you have any questions send us an email and we will be happy to clarify the matter for you.

Included in this tour

Free WiFi on-board
Private tour ensures personal service
Free hotel pickup and drop-off
Transportation in air-conditioned Mercedes coach
All taxes - fuel surcharges - parking fees and tolls - service fees
A local English speaking driver/escort in suit with an excellent knowledge of the local area
Bottled water
Bottle of Prosecco wine - which is always a good start especially if you don't have to drive :)
Mini Ipad with Wi-Fi and mobile data connection so that you can use it in the car and outside as you walk around the cities
10% VAT
Access to restricted traffic areas in all the towns
Boat tickets
Train Tickets
Cinque Terre National Park tickets
Seafood full Lunch
Driver/Escort lead you all day.

NOT INCLUDED in this tour

Entrances to museums castles villas and church
Sightseeing tours with local guides
Pisa Leaning Tower tickets

Tour Itinerary



Your private driver/guide will come pick you up at your accomodation.

10:15 amMANAROLA


Driver/Escort lead you visiting the little fisherman port and catching a boat or a train to Monterosso al Mare



Driver/Escort lead you in Cinque Terre largest village, visit the city, a quick bite and then to hike to Vernazza (110 minutes) or catching a train to Vernazza (5 minutes ride)



Driver/Escort lead you to have (if you wish to) a cooling swim in the sea, a nice shower and after you will enjoy a delicious lunch made of authentic Pesto Pasta and fresh Mediterrean seafood. Then in the train to Manarola



On the car direction Pisa

6,30 pmPISA


Quick shot at the leaning tower (20 minutes)



With a lot of nice memories to talk about..

Here is a brief description of the tour

Private Tour - Cinque Terre are five coastal villages in eastern Liguria that make up a UNESCO World Heritage site! Here, the most popular trail, Sentiero Azzuro, runs along the water. It’s about eight miles (thirtheen kilometers) long and it takes about five hours to complete it. A trains links the five different villages together.

Your private driver/guide will be with you for the entire day. He will escort you on the boat, trail and train!
Arrive at Manarola by black mercedes minivan. Manarola is the local center of the wine and olive oil industry. What a color feast! The houses are pastel, the water is turquoise, and the rock on which the town sits is black. Unfortunately we will miss the Love Road that joins Manarola with Riomaggiore, closed for restauration. This mile long path was cut directly on the rock overlooking the sea.
Riomaggiore is, if at all possible, the least charming of the five villages. The Fourteenth Century parish church of Saint John the Baptist overlooks the village. Be sure to see the ruins of a Fifteenth-Sixteenth Century castle. Being our last stop, Riomaggiore is when the final pick up takes place.
From Manarola will take the boat to Monterosso al Mare. Monterosso al Mare, a small village with a population of about 1500 soul, this is the largest village! Stone steps link the village center to the port and seaside promenade. Monterosso al Mare is surrounded by hills bedecked in vineyards and olive groves. Thursday is market day: showcasing local arts and crafts, food, and wine. Be sure to see the Twelth Century Church of St. Francis, built in the Ligurian Gothic style, which includes black and white marbles.
From Monterosso al Mare we will hike to Vernazza (110 minutes), or take the train instead enjoying just a 5 minutes ride.

These ancient trails are rough but manageable. Be prepared for the hiking – although the path is open to everyone, remember that the ground can be slippery, uneven, and in places steep and narrow. The charm of the area is that it is natural and unspoiled; do not expect handrails or safety rails when steps are steep or when the path is close to the cliff edge.
Vernazza is the only natural port of the five villages. Being the wealthiest village its architecture is most elaborate. See the Castle of the Doria, look at the watchtowers, and do not miss the Romanesque sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio. You will be amazed by its simplicity and yet fascinated by its architecture.
In Vernazza we can have a cooling swim in the sea, a nice shower and we will enjoy a delicious lunch made of uthentic Pesto Pasta and fresh Mediterrean seafood.
Train from Vernazza to Manarola and back on the Black Mercedes minivan on the way to Florence with a quick stop to see Pisa Leaning tower.

A) Public boats operate subject to weather conditions and along the Cinque terre from Easter until about the 3rd week of October. When boats are not operative transfer between towns will be by train or by minivan.
B) The driver/guide will thoroughly introduce the places being visited, from a cultural, historical and artistic viewpoint while walking or driving to and through them, but is not licensed to give in depth explanations at sights or guide inside churches, or museums.